About us

About Aastha Homes Group

     Opening it’s doors in Surat in 2004. The Aastha Group began 11 years ago, with a vision to provide quality construction to the people of Surat. Since its inception, the organization has created some of the largest townships and major complexes through resourceful planning, an unwavering focus on quality and customer-oriented designs. Over the years, the company has grown from strength to strength, having successfully completed over 07 projects and Pursuing 08 Projects. Now Aastha Group is a reliable name in the fields of construction and real estate in Surat.

     With our various world class residential and commercial projects in Surat, Aastha Group has become one of the fastest growing construction firms in Surat, Gujarat. A team of young and dynamic real estate developer is highly responsible for values, efficiency and integrity. Also has dynamic team of planners, architects and engineers to planed and deliver the finest residences possible.

     Aastha Group, with over 1 decades of experience in the construction and real estate industry, has redefined the standards of quality, commitment, honesty, sincerity and established itself as one of the top developer in the industry.

     Aastha Group has enhanced Surat’s ambitious development with residential, commercial and Industrial projects which adhere to the highest standards of design, planning, location, luxury and comfort. The group has undertaken various projects ranging from Commercial Complexes, Industrial Projects, Residential High-Rise Apartments, Bungalows and Row-Houses. The value principles that inspire the company to invent - discover and deliver newer lifestyle solutions have always been our ideological pillars. We understand people’s changing needs and aspirations.

     Since inception, this diversified group has been filling the lives of their customers with happiness. Looking ahead in future Aastha Group is in expansion mode in other cities the projects include mega township plans and commercial hubs in major cities. Developed with clear intentions of satisfying customers needs every project of Aastha Group is completed with excellence.

What is Aastha Homes…??

     Aastha means belief and faith. A feeling of being sure that someone or something exists and that is true and valuable based on promise or duty. Believing in no boundaries.

     Aastha Homes is a group of various projects ranging from Commercial Complexes like premium shops, lavish offices and business center, Industrial Projects and Residential projects like High-Rise Apartments, Bungalows and Row-Houses. According to people’s changing needs and aspirations Aastha Homes brings wide range of variety projects. Aastha Homes is a group of dynamic team of planners, architects and engineers to planed and deliver the finest residences possible. That’s why Aastha Homes are one of the most growing construction firms in Surat.

     Aastha Homes is a group of energetic people who always try to change the living standards of society by developing the best quality unique projects with healthy living spaces that meets customer’s needs through honesty and integrity in trade practice. They incorporate technology and expertise at a global level with an objective to improve life locally.

Management Team

     The experienced and assertive team, at Aastha Homes, is led by management that has a blend of strategic, operational and financial expertise. Having a team of veteran architects, engineers and designers is a matter of pride for Aastha Homes Group.

Company Philosophy

     Too create low as well as high budget, lifetime landmarks which cater to the basic requirement of individuals or corporate. Company’s core philosophy is “To deliver customer satisfaction & providing them happiness and hassle free deals.”

Core- Values

     Aastha Homes Group stands on core-value like honesty, sincerity, passion, excellence, team work, commitment, quality, safety and the most important transparent legal processes.

Logo Our Ethos

     There is a one meaning of “Aastha” was “Aashro” and that what we are providing to our customers.We are providing “Aashro” in homes that family can leave in peacefully and therefor name given “Aastha Homes”.

     There is also one more meaning of “Aastha” was “Hope”. Hope is a sense of waiting something to happen and expecting it to happen in the presence of uncertaining and hasitation.

     Hope possesses many qualities and can range from something minor to long-lasting crave for something big and important. In literal sense, hope to the belief in vague rules according to which things take place in the world.

     One a more practical level, hope is faith in our theory that states that things can happen it they are expected and believe in.

“What we say we deliver it”

     This sentence was applied in “Aastha Homes”. We gives hopes to our customers and we fulfils their hopes and their needs too as well and therefore we made this sentence as our tag-line.


      The main agenda behind this tagline is to provide surety to the customers of the “Aastha Homes”

     “Aastha Homes” provides surety that what we are saying to the customers that we are doing and providing to the customers. After all customers hope and trust on us was the main capital of “Aastha Homes”

     Here the punch(Tag) line wants to deliver message to the customers that the values of our ‘tongue’ that is what we are saying to the customers that we are actually providing to the customers and this becomes true tagline after completing some successful projects and then received our customers satisfaction and positive feedbacks.

     Our past and present customers are already experience this agenda of our company and then they are providing this feedback to us.

Here scenario is that.

     When customers comes to us. “we say and promises to provide service and amenities to the customer”. Than after customers taken that services from us and realize that “Aastha Homes” has provide us what they have said to us on beginning stages. And then our all customer’s feedback and tagline are “Aastha Homes delivers what they have said” And when we have heard this from our customers then we fill proud that our hard work are not going failed. Our customers are satisfied.

     Some people also says that : “What you have said, you have delivered to us”

What our client say?

Mr. Hardik Suhagiya

     “Aastha Homes” has provided our dream house on our budget and deliver that much that we can’t get on that amount. We heartly like to thanks “Aastha Homes” and team for Providing us service.

Mr. Pravinbhai Aatkot

     “Aastha Homes” saying that what we say we deliver it. When we comes on first visit at that time we think twice that they are not making us fool to have benefits from us. But then we trust on them and we get our house thats not an house its home and than we realize that in this decades also there is a team they have a value of their tongue.

Finally wants to say “Thanks Aastha Homes”.

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Vision and Ethics


  • To help people through innovation, to live & work in a happy, healthy and comfortable environment.
  • To develop world-class products and services that adheres to international quality standards.
  • To achieve best quality of construction by using eco-friendly materials
  • To become the physical face of the new generation.
  • To become one of the most valuable firm in the fields of construction and real estate.
  • To create turning points in residential and commercial segments in all the areas of India.


  • Aastha Homes Group believes in creating an environment of peace and prosperity where people enjoy work and put in their efforts and time in right and sensible ideas.
  • Aastha Homes Group makes sure that everyone enjoys freedom to achieve and ensures the utmost quality.

Success Mantra

Aastha Homes Group has adopted few Mantras which are responsible for their success.

  • We develop projects with focus in mind that we are building property for our own use with our own money.
  • Belief in that we build a home, not just a house.
  • Transparent legal processes.
  • Updated Quality Construction.
  • To deliver customer satisfaction & providing them hassle free deals.